We find hope in history

It's our turn and it's our time

Each day of this election season is a roller coaster of good news, bad news and bizarre news. But we must not get distracted by the push and pull of the media cycle. Rather, we must keep our eyes on the prize.

This moment is calling all of us to discipline and persistence. No longer can we go about our lives business as usual and be fairweather citizens. This is an all hands on deck, drop everything and channel all of your energy and actions towards defending democracy and taking back our country. If you ever wondered what you would have done during slavery or during the holocaust, you’re doing it now.

We need to engage in the practice of politics the way we engage in the practice of yoga or meditation - as an everyday commitment to our personal and collective wellbeing. We can’t defeat fascism with only some of us engaging some of the time. We need all of us leaning in and taking action right now. We need to dig deep and source our sustenance and strength from each other. And we need to do our part for the grandmothers who came before and for the children who will come after.

In the latest CTZN Podcast, Ruby Sales and Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis reminds us that we find hope in history and in each other. Hope comes alive in our actions and in our commitment to the future that we all deserve.

It’s our turn and this is our time. Let’s do it.

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  5. Either we as a species learn to live well with each other and the earth now, or die trying. A conflict handbook about turning towards each other. [click to tweet]

WHERE WE ARE: 15 million Americans have voted! That’s 10 times the number who voted by this time in 2016. States like Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Virginia have already received more ballots three weeks before the election than in all of 2016.

WHAT WE NEED: We need to vote early and votewell. The earlier we can get our ballots in, the more likely they are to be counted. If you live in a state that allows for early voting, do not hesitate. Vote now. Then organize. This election isn’t just about our individual vote, it’s about our collective vote. Democracy only works when everyone’s voice and vote is counted. Go get your people and help them vote.

HOW WE PROTECT EACH OTHER: With the stakes being as high as they are, voter suppression already more rampant than ever, and the nationalist right emboldened by conspiracy theorists and the President himself, we’re depending on you to ensure people are able to vote freely and safely. How can you help? By becoming an Election Defender. Sign up to be an Election Defender here.

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Voting for president has been the focal point of this election season, but local voting matters more. Down ballot races govern how we go about our daily lives. And in a pandemic reality, local races determining when and how our kids go back to school, whether to “reopen” the economy, access to testing, treatment and contact tracing are more important than ever. Additionally, state legislatures (compared to congress) are much more productive. But 30% of voters don’t vote down ballot, often because they don’t know who or what to vote for. That’s why we’re organizing communities to vote together. Our VOTEWELL Ballot Guide brings people together around the issues that matter so that they can collaborate and make conscious decisions up and down the ballot. **Join us this THURSDAY at 7PET for a community training on how to get organized and win.**

Art by @closecallstudio


This conversation with Ruby Sales, Rev Dr Jacqui Lewis and Micky Scottbey Jones is everything. It explores what it is to hope in these times, how to reclaim ourselves beyond white supremacy and why we need to build a movement of intimacy and accountability. Check it out.

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