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On Delta and how we get through together

COVID is once again surging around the country, forcing us to examine how we got here and how we are going to survive. It’s confusing and frustrating and endless.

But it didn’t have to be this way.

In this week’s WELLREAD, Rupa Marya MD says

“You’re confused about Delta because your intuitions about the common good are conflicting right now with the culture you were raised in that taught you to prioritize your wants, your freedoms, your vacations, your desires, your individual ideas over a sense of collective responsibility to other humans who live in your same zip code”.

Confronting this pandemic, once and for all, is an inside-out game. It is how we fight for each other and transform the life-affirming systems that are essential to our wellbeing (things like housing, a living wage, accessible healthcare). But it is also how we detox from the conditioning that has taught us that we are separate and superior from one another. This virus is a brutal reminder of our undeniable interdependence and that our survival and wellbeing are bound.

“Freedom isn’t free and change requires action” (@callmeshivy). This virus will continue to grow and mutate until we get it right. Collective care is how we survive.

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Art by @callmeshivy

  1. One of the most frustrating aspects of the conspirituality phenomenon is people inventing conspiracies instead of confronting the most pressing issues bearing down on all of us. Spiritual bypassing in an age of climate change and vaccine disinformation. [click to tweet]

  2. But why are we really confused about Delta Variant? Because we live in a society that values the economy over human health and safety. Delta is here to slam home what we didn’t learn last year. [click to tweet]

  3. “Activists are in Congress, so expect things to be different”. Refusing to move from the Capitol steps, Cori Bush Galvanized a Progressive Revolt Over Evictions. [click to tweet]

  4. The eviction moratorium is keeping a roof over people’s heads. Here are three things you need to know about housing insecurity. [click to tweet]

  5. Grief belongs is social movements. Can we embrace it? A Black activist reflects on intergenerational trauma, community, and coming to terms with death in movement building. [click to tweet]

Our communities are facing the overlapping crises of the pandemic, the economic crisis, climate chaos, and chronic racial injustice. But Congress’s next big infrastructure bill could invest billions into neighborhoods across the country, and bring the transformative recovery our communities need to thrive. We can’t wait any longer — we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to rebuild our economy in a way that lifts up all people, and we need to take it.

On August 13th, we’re coming together with artists and activists in Philadelphia to call on Congress to pass a legislative package that makes meaningful investments in jobs, climate, care, housing, and citizenship, and demand members of Congress stay in session until the package is passed.

WHAT: A massive community concert featuring @Saweetie, @Wyclef, @SnowThaProduct, @BeachBunnyMusic, @MavisStaples, & more.

WHERE: August 13th at the Mann Center in Philadelphia, PA.

HOW: Tickets to Can’t Wait: LIVE: A Concert for Jobs, Climate, & Care are completely free. Simply text LIVE to 30403 or visit CantWait.Live to R.S.V.P. to the show.

Art by @drewdilkens

This week, my dear friend, Michelle Cassandra Johnson is back on CTZN to help us tend to the shattered parts of ourselves so that we can embrace our wholeness and do the work of healing the collective heart. In the podcast, she says, what's needed in this moment isn’t to get back to normal or to get back to work or to get back being busy and productive. What's needed is to acknowledge what we’ve gone through and what has been lost. We must feel in order to heal. Her new book, Finding Refuge: Heartwork for Healing Collective Grief, is a radical invitation for those of us who feel brokenhearted, helpless, confused, powerless, and desperate in this moment to embrace the lost art of grieving as an essential component of healing. This book moved me and made me feel new depths and dimensions of my grief that I honestly didn't know was there. It made me reflect on how I, like many others, have attempted to manage my grief behind closed doors - alone and isolated. But Michelle reminds us that we don’t grieve in isolation in the same way that we don’t heal in isolation. This podcast is a beautiful and joyful reminder that despite the difficult and uncertain times we are facing - we are resilient together and have the capacity to meet this moment with an open heart that can heal us forward. 

Download a FREE Collective Grief Circle guide HERE.

Art by @ryan_lemere

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