If you don't want refugees, stop creating them

Our nation is complicit in the humanitarian crisis happening before our eyes.

And together, that is enough. It is our human responsibility to take in refugees AND political responsibility for the problem(s) WE have created.

From climate change to refugees seeking asylum, we must realize the only way through any of this is together. Our world is on fire and our souls are coming into question, if we really want to see wellness for all and not just for the future but NOW. The truth is we do not have time to waste and we cannot just wait for political figures to prop up their own self-interests to become engaged. We cannot wait for those in positions of power to tell us what we as a community are able to do.

Our action starts by telling the truth about how we got here, being present to what is unraveling and participating in a global movement of collective care and mutual aid.

In this week’s WELLREAD, we take action in learning the truth behind the conditions created for a terrorist cell to grow and take over. We are standing with the people of Haiti as resources are gathered for the lives lost in last weekend’s terrible earthquake. We are witnessing the economic collapse of Lebanon as aid for gas and food is coming up short. We are acknowledging, even with the need to take action, we have to continue to take care so we can show up, whether in joy or grief.

I’m Kennae Miller (she/her) sharing as the Community Weaver here at CTZNWELL. What I love about being a part of the CTZNWELL community is the commitment to collective care and accountability to show up. I am grateful and honored to share in this weeks WELLREAD.

Kennae (she/her)

Art by @nobonzo

  1. We are reflecting on what led up to this moment, when the world echoed ‘No to War’ and our voices went ignored. [click to tweet]

  2. From Bush to Obama, through Trump and now Biden. When will we stop allowing our Presidents to lie to us? [click to tweet]

  3. The US used Afghan women to justify its war. Now, it’s leaving them behind. “We must be accountable to the crisis we helped create.” [click to tweet]

  4. Is our response to Afghanistan a premonition of what we could expect with Haiti? Our government has a history of backing Strong arm Leadership. [click to tweet]

  5.  Take action, here’s How We can Help Afghanistan, now. [click to tweet]

We may not have the right words to say but we can take action as we listen to the ways we are being asked to show up and take collective action. Here is how:

For Haiti: On August 14 Ayiti, Haiti experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake with smaller ones rippling in the aftermath. The numbers continue to rise in injuries and over 1,200 deaths. The US has a history of capitalizing from devastation and doing very little to provide much needed recovery aid. Other nations have begun showing up for the people of Haiti in the ways of medical support and food aid from Cuba, Taiwan, Mexico and Colombia. We can do more in various ways to support Haiti, visit Movement 4 Black Lives extensive list for more ways to support grassroots and integral organizations in Ayiti.

For Afghanistan: Text CRISIS to 52886 and ask your representatives and senators to help with relocating. You can also find out if your tax payer dollars are funding terroristic activities. Donate to charities like Afghan Aid, International Rescue Committee (IRC) or Women for Afghan Women.  

For Lebanon: Lebanon has been experiencing multiple crisis at once, from food insecurity to lack of medicine, now after a fuel explosion and 22 deaths, people are forced to seek refuge else where. Right now donations and collections of medical supplies and blood are the pressing ways to support, visit Lebanese Red Cross for more information.

On Haiti, resources from Movement 4 Black Lives. On Afghanistan, resources from @Bushra_Ebadi and @criticalanalysisuk.

It is one thing to witness what feels like the world as we know it falling apart and yet there are still ways we can dive deeper. Grief and mourning doesn’t have to surrender to hopelessness and despair. It can also be a proactive move against injustice, especially extreme injustices that affect a broad segment of a community. Here are some ways to engage from our friends at Beautiful Trouble:

  1. Engage in civil disobedience. Gather friends, family and others in your community and invite them to join you in front of your representative or senators office. Ask them to what their stance is on acting on behalf of Afghanistan citizens.

  2. Bring the issue home. Share with your community the parallels of what is happening overseas to what is presently happening right in your community or our nation.

And check out this recent episode of the CTZNWELL Podcast, Finding Refuge with Michelle Cassandra Johnson, as we discuss the loss of lives, people and what we knew to be “normal” as we navigate grief and how to engage in it collectively.

We’d love to hear from you on how you are navigating these times in community as we forge forward together. Join us @ctznwell to continue the conversation!

Photo by @afghan_ascend , resources by Beautiful Trouble.

Words by Naomi Klein

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