A radical revolution of values

and practicing justice everyday

Nine months and three seasons in and it’s clear, 2021 isn’t playing around. So we’ve brought together a dream team of healers and spiritual activists to help us navigate this moment so that we can balance both healing and action and build the future that we all deserve. Join us for a FREE community meet up THURSDAY 9/23 7p ET with CTZN Podcast season 4 guests Tracee Stanley, Hala Khouri, Michelle C Johnson and Kate Johnson.

Left wing and right, conspiracies and mask mandates among vaccine debates. With a constant blitz of information coming at us while still managing all of the day-to-day living things, we are tired. I Am So F**king Tired reminds us we are not alone in what we are experiencing and still there is a yearning to be connected to deeper work and community.

Because healing and action happen simultaneously, this weeks WELLREAD is about all of the ways we can remind congress who they are working for, the people. There is much to take action on from protecting voting rights to abortion and if our representatives are not going to carry out what we want, we won’t reelect them.

As Dr. King predicted many decades ago:

“I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. ... A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth with righteous indignation”.

A revolution of values is not just about our government’s priorities, it’s about ours and what we are willing to do everyday for the wellbeing of everyone. It’s a practice.

How are you practicing justice towards the future that we all deserve?


  1. Haitian refugees test the measure of our nation’s humanity. Will the U.S. simply dump thousands of the displaced in a country that has no way to protect them? [click to tweet]

  2. While domestic abuse is frequently ignored, the disappearance and possible murder of an attractive young white woman often gains outsized attention. What Gabby Petito’s Case Says About Cops—and Us. [click to tweet]

  3. Biden’s agenda is in trouble. And it’s absolutely clear who is to blame. It’s time to reject the mythology that centrists are just trying to make Washington work and demand action. [click to tweet]

  4. It’s not just anti-vaxxers. The themes of resisting power and regaining control of our lives have been cynically repurposed as the left is being lured to the far right by conspiracy theories. [click to tweet]

  5. Fighting white supremacy requires white folks to move from a passive role of waiting to be told what to do to actually doing it. Beyond performative activism: What risks will you take? [click to tweet]

Congress is back and as dysfunctional as ever. Here’s the thing: Congress works for us - not the party, not lobbyists, not the media - US. And it’s our job to demand what we need and hold them accountable to meeting those needs. Here’s what’s at stake if we don’t abolish the filibuster:

  • Immigration reform

  • The For the People Act

  • The John Lewis Voting Rights Act

  • Reproductive rights

  • Gun control

  • Medicare for All

  • A Green New Deal

  • A $15 minimum wage

It’s progress or the filibuster. Make your voice heard and demand action.

Call Congress (202) 224-3121 White House (202)456-1111

Art and words by @JamiraBurley

  1. Get comfortable with discomfort: when we’re not comfortable with discomfort we can project/blame, shutdown, run away, or rush to have a resolve that’s not authentic.

  2. Let go of needing to be right (for now): stay grounded and curious, ask clarifying questions, mirror/reflect (sensations, thoughts, emotions, impulses).

  3. Locate yourself within the issues being discussed: Critical self-awareness is key. Explore the questions: What is your experience of privilege and disadvantage personally and in your family/community?

  4. Practice self-care: Set boundaries, offer resources, locate yourself so that you know whether and when it is your job to educate or not.

Excerpt and Art from Off the Mat, Into the World’s Re-Emergence: A movement of transformation and action

And join Hala Khouri, Tracee Stanley, Michelle C Johnson, Kate Johnson and the CTZNWELL team for a community meet up TOMORROW 9/23 at 7pET as we talk about how to meet this moment and balance healing and action.

Care work is work (regardless what capitalism says). Take care of each other. It matters.

Art by @sonaksha

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